Agent Bradley is a main character that appears in Kal Wolf, Kalifornia, and Ghost Fuckers, and also makes a small cameo appearance in High School MusiKal!

He is an agent working for the U.S. Federal Beureau of Investegation (FBI) currently assigned to the Kal Wolf case.

He is portrayed by Oscar Phoenix in all the films. 


Bradley was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. His father was a prominent city official and his mother was a school nurse. He attended Albuquerque High School where he enrolled in the school's law enforcement program. He graduated from the school in the top 10% of his class. He earned several scholarships to attend a college of his choice. He ended up attending the law school at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where he eventually graduated with a master's degree in criminal justice. He returned to Albuquerque to apply to join the Albuquerque Police Department, where he was accepted and completed training thereafter. He served in the police force for about 5 years before leaving to apply to join the U.S. Federal Beureau of Investegation (FBI). He was accepted and completed training to become a special agent. 

When he joined the FBI, Bradley apparently became distant and withdrawn, allegedly cutting off ties to anybody in his family. He moved to Los Angeles, CA and married his wife, only known as Mrs. Bradley. Currently, they have no children. 

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Agent Bradley is of Mexican-American descent. He is somewhat tall, medium built, and has curly hair. His work attire includes a white under-suit t-shirt, a tie, a blue vest, black khaki pants, a black belt, black loafers, and gun holster located on the right of his hip, on his belt. When going outdoors, Bradley wears dark sunglasses almost all the time, and takes them off when he's indoors. His casual attire includes an undersuit t-shirt with khaki pants or jeans, a bealt, and loafers. 

Bradley is a conservative, mellow, and formal individual. He tends to like being alone many times, and is emotionally sensitive. He uses his guitar playing skills as an outlet to express his emotional feelings. On the job, he has a high level of patience and can keep calm under pressure (most noticeable when he is dealing with Kal Wolf) which allows him to carry out his tasks in a professional fashion. 


Kal Wolf
Ghost Fuckers
High School MusiKal! (cameo) 


  • In the original book, Big Booty Judy, Agent Bradley's original name was Officer Phoenix. 
  • Bradley's weapon of choice is a Taurus Raging Bull revolver. 
  • He drives a black BMW FBI squad car outfitted with a laptop, an assault rifle in the trunk, and a megaphone intercom. 

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