Kal Taiko Wolf is the main protagonist of the Kal Wolf movies and books. As the central character, he appears in all books and movies under his name. 


Kal Wolf was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut. According to a former social worker of Kal, he was abandoned by his parents at the assumed age of one. He was then taken into an adoption center, but unfortunately was never adopted because of his inability to control his sexual urges towords the foster mother at the age of 4. 

Because of his behavior, caretakers at the foster home decided to have him educated at the facility. At the age of 10, Kal completed his first holy communion. 5 years later, at the age of 15, Kal completed holy confirmation as well.

College Edit

When he turned 18, Kal was released from the foster home, and had gotten into college, majoring in photographic arts. 

According to Kal's college diary, he constantly expressed interest in becoming a director in the pornography industry. He also wanted to create "the most sexual, hardcore, and longest porn movie in the history of porn itself." 

Shortly into his sophomore (2nd) year at college, Kal was apparently arrested for trying to sexually assault his female creative writting professor. According to security interviews, Kal insisted that he did it because she "was young, had large tits and a beautifully firm ass... apart from the fact that she also threatened to flunk me for not turning in some retarded ass essay."  as told by Kal.

The school administration decided to send Kal to counseling and anger management centers to be rehabilitated. Kal refused to recieve these services, and ultimately withdrew from the college itself. 

Job at Sports Illustrated Edit

Following his withdraw, Kal made several attempts to find work. According to unemployment files, Kal turned in job applications for Playboy, Maxim and a local strip club, all of which were turned down after employers from these companies ran a background check and found out about Kal's incident at college. 

Sports Illustrated, for some reason, accepted Kal's job application and he was hired as a photographer. After hearing this news, Kal took to his diary and wrote" FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK YESSSSSS!!! I get to photograph sexy ass women and get paid for it!!! Who knows? Maybe I can get to have playtime with them if you know what I mean..."

Kal started working and soon found it easy and entertaining, alongside earning a nice paycheck. Around his 22nd birthday, Kal met his future wife, Judy Wolf, during a photoshoot. According to Kal, he and Judy stayed in the studio for a couple of hours talking to eachother,and that he "instantly, positively knew" that they had fallen in love with eachother. Kal and Judy then supposidley went to a nearby matinence closey where the two made out and had "hard anal and oral sex" according to Kal.

At the age of 23, Kal married Judy Wolf privately. Judy wanted it to be private because she feared that her parents would find out about Kal and would pressure her into leaving him due to his sexual deviency. 

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