Kal Wolf: The Movie is an upcoming comedy film being produced by AIC Entertainment. The film is written and directed by AIC's Eddie Luna. The film will star Luna, Adrian Ivan, Oscar Phoenix and Shane Dawson. The release date for the film has not been announced.


Kal Wolf (Eddie Luna) is a Japanese American deviant living in Bridgeport, CT. He is married to Judy Wolf and has an active sex life.

After Kal Wolf discovers that his best friend Ned Luke's wife had abandoned him and fled to Los Angeles, California with Ned's credit cards, He and Ned set out on a cross-country road trip to Los Angeles to find Melanie. Along the way, Kal engages in deviant acts which attracts the attention of the FBI, who dispatch Special Agent Bradley to apprehend Kal. 


The idea for a Kal Wolf movie came about when Adrian Ivan and Eddie Luna discussed the possibility of a Kal Wolf movie being a product for AIC Entertainment in the future. They eventually agreed to producing a Kal Wolf movie and development began in late 2013. The movie is currently planned for a theatrical release and the release date will be announced in due time.

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