Kal Wolf, Jr is a character that appears in Bad Wolf. He is the child of series protagonist Kal Wolf and his wife, Judy Wolf.

Biography Edit

Kal Wolf Jr. was born at the end of Kal Wolf. After his birth, Kal and Judy Wolf decide to settle down in Los Angeles, California, purchasing and moving into Agent Bradley's house after Bradley loses his job and he was unable to pay the mortgages. In the events of Bad Wolf, Kal Jr. is 4 years old, as the film takes place 4 years after the events of it's predecessor.

During this time, Kal Wolf is very focused on being a father figure for his son. He tries to teach his son potty-training, and how to avoid wetting his bed. He also teaches his son his own moral values, and constantly takes his son on "bonding" trips that involve Kal engaging in his deviant activities

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