Ned Darius Luke is a character in the Kal Wolf movie franchise, featued in Kal Wolf, Bad Wolf, Ghost Fuckers, and High School MusiKal! 

He is Kal Wolf's best friend, and accompanies Kal almost all the time.

He is portrayed by Adrian Ivan in all of the films. 


Ned Luke was born in El Paso, TX. His father is a mathematician and his mother is an accountant.

Because he was born with various medical defects, Ned had a difficult upbringing. He has medical allergies to literally almost anything you can think of, including kissing. He was also diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome at an early age.

While he was attending school, he was constantly bullied by classmates, who would make fun of his medical defects. In middle and high school, he was constantly called a virgin by both girls and boys. In his high school years, he joined the computer club and was a straight-A student. He only had one girlfriend in his entire life, a girl named Priscilla who was an overweight nerd who tried to sexually assault Ned, an experience that sent Ned to therapy. 

Sometime after graduating high school, he attended college and recieved a master's degree in computer science. He was then hired by BootyTech as a software developer, and met Kal Wolf while attending a company dinner party.


  • Ned Luke is actually named after the actor who is famous for portraying Michael De Santa in the video game Grand Theft Auto V. 


  • Kal Wolf: The Movie
  • Bad Wolf
  • Kal and Ned
  • Ghost Fuckers
  • Super Kal!

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