Priscilla Bradley, also known as Sha-moon,Tubby, Lardass, Fatass, Fat Shit, and various other names, is a character in the Kal Wolf saga.

She is the housewife of FBI Special Agent Bradley, whom she met and married before the events of the first movie. She is known for being a very obese, sassy and rude woman who Kal Wolf constantly teases whenever he sees her.

Biography Edit

Priscilla was born in Denver, Colorado. She attended school there and was actually very popular, being on the high school cheer squad and becoming prom queen.

During college, she had a romantic relationship with Ned Luke. During this time, she began to over eat due to college stresses and ultimately gained a lot of weight. Ned, who still liked her despite her weight gain, began contemplating a break-up because she began to exhibit strange and obsessive behaviors towards him.

When Ned told her that he wanted to break up with her, she became furious and accused him of not liking her because of her weight. Ned denied it, stating his true reasons for wanting to break up with her. After hearing this, she became very angry and sodomized Ned with a pretzel stick.

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